Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some "Frequently Asked Questions" about The PROPEL List. Want to know more? Call the office at 646-494-0822 or email:

  • The PROPEL List is a free directory that connects buyers, sellers and professionals in a user-friendly way. This list will showcase community women and their businesses/careers in hopes of growing their clientele and network. 

    There are 4 categories for listing:

    1. Sell a Product (other than Food).
2. Sell a Food Product.

    3. Provide a Service/Professional (Seeking Customers/Clients).

    4. Professionals (Not seeking customers/clients but would like to be included on our List).

  • Visitors can search for a product or service on the homepage using the search bar or click on the categories below. A product or service can also be searched for under the menu item "The Propel List". (Professionals Dashboard is only for women who are listed to edit their profile.)

  • If you are listed and want to hide your account it is very easy. Simply login to your dashboard (The Propel List > Professionals Dashboard). Under MY PROFILE is a pop-up menu that says "Allow in Search in Listing", simply the select the NO option and your account will be hidden from search and listings. 

  • PROPEL is a Community non-profit organization that enables women to earn and help support their families while maintaining traditional values. The goal of PROPEL is to make a dual-income household the norm and alleviate other forms of communal support. PROPEL inspires, educates and supports women to enter the workforce.

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PROPEL enables Community women to earn and help support their families while maintaining traditional values. The goal of PROPEL is to make a dual income household the norm regardless of income level so women can help support their families and reduce dependence on communal support.