Marlene Robin Tebele

Holistic Health & Wellness Coach
  • Member Since,October 11, 2021

Marlene Robin Tebele is a seasoned Holistic Health & Wellness Coach specializing in personal, spiritual transformation, and healing. Marlene's practice combines ancient spiritual traditions with powerful alternative healing solutions to create tailored programs for her patients around the globe.

Marlene takes an integrative approach to both diet and lifestyle changes to improve her patient’s health. Working as a guide toward an overall healthier life, she will dive deep into her patient’s nutrition patterns, physical fitness, relationships, spirituality, and much more.

As a pioneer in the field, Marlene continues to fearlessly challenge existing treatments and methodologies to advance the frontier of holistic health and nutrition. Marlene’s multi-dimensional approach takes a deep dive into the root of her patient’s concerns. By blending medical-grade botanicals, organic produce, wisdom, and science, she can cater to her patient’s needs through her unique, private, and personalized experiences.

Marlene is currently based out of her own retreat in Hawaii. She is actively and passionately still assisting people from all walks of life on their journey towards wholeness, healing, and true fulfillment.