Embroidery technician
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Here at Laylandstitch , our specialty is “ Embroidery For You”. In other words , whatever it is that you need customized weather it be party favors or even something small, we do it all!! So a little about me. Around 5 yrs ago I was working for a local business that is very well known in our circles. I was originally hired as an assistant but when the former embroidery technician left the business unexpectedly there was no one manning the embroidery side of the Business , which was a vital part. The boss said to all of her employees whoever could figure it out figure it out. Since everyone was already set in their positions , I decided to take a crack at it. And I’m so lucky that I did. I instantly fell in love with embroidery and till today I want to embroider everything!!! 2 yrs later I was doing crazy things on that machine , things that we never knew were possible. Covid came around and I was missing my embroidery machine. I wanted so badly to just hear the machine and create something. Covid really hit the business hard and she had to sell the business. When I told my husband about this and how much it would hurt that I would have to look for another job , and say goodbye to the job I loved he told me , why don’t you go for it. I said huh? You know how pricey this machinery is ? Being that we were newlywed I didn’t want to start off our marriage with debt or an extra bill. But my husband told me I believe in you and I’m willing to bet all my money on you. And that is how Laylandstitch was born. Here every job , every customer is personal. When personalizing is involved it will always be personal. So I do embroidery with all my heart and all my love and nothing makes me happier than seeing my customers happy and smiling. So give us a call ❤️