Daniella Greco

Interior Decorator and Party Planner
  • Member Since,May 14, 2023
My name is Daniella Greco, and I am the owner of Dgreco Designs. Since I was about ten, I have always had a strong passion for party planning and interior decorating; little did I know that I would be able to pursue my lifelong dream and make it a reality! Although I have always been asked my preference on which industry I like better – Party planning or interior decorating – and after years of experience in both industries, I have discovered that I find both industries enjoyable and unique in their own way. On the one hand, when it comes to party planning, my objective is to create an event that flows effortlessly, from ensuring the flowers are arranged and displayed to the specific taste of the hosts to the specific types of music that the DJ will play. The joyous expression that the hosts have when they enter their party after hours of planning is worth all the trouble in the world – the smile, hugs, and blissful expressions is an incredible feeling. On the other hand, working with current homeowners on ensuring they have the perfect home for their family is a big responsibility, however, the same joyous expression is what drives me the most. I enjoy researching past projects for inspiration and keeping up with current market trends which allows me to incorporate exciting ideas and themes for all my events and projects. I love working with my clients as it brings me true happiness! My goal is to ensure that your dream event/home comes to life as reality!